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Are dynamic tabs possible?

I’d like users to create their own tab names, but it might be too complicated to achieve. Please see the forum app for the idea:

The idea is that users click a plus at the end of the tab group that would allow them to create and name a new tab. For convience sake I think its neccesary to limit the number of tabs users would be able to add but I get stuck at the part where any new tab other than the first should populate a new tab instead of the first new tab.

Is there a way to tell the workflow to dynamically display the data in the ‘next’ group? Maybe with custom states?

Yes this is absolutely possible.

You could do a repeating group with a text box inside.

As the new tab is added, add the text to a list of texts, which is saved somewhere in your db.

Yes, i was thinking about RG’s but I guess the missing piece there was to use ‘current cell’s index’? Current cell’s index + 1 will populate the next tab in a new RG button.

But how do you load the correct tab content group for each RG item when you add new ones?

Try using a custom state. Either a number or text on the tab that corresponds with the group.

That is how the tabs work at the moment. But what about creating new groups as you create new tabs?

Groups in a repeating group?

That is possible, but how are you going to display them? They’ll be stacked on top of each other in such a case, unless you do horizontal scrolling or something. Creating a new group for each tab might not be necessary. What are you trying to display in the group?

yeah you’re right. Im thinking too much along the lines of the current tab setup. I just need to display a list in a RG filtered on the tab’s name. So, I think that should solve the issue!

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