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Display dynamic data in text or group or whatever

Hi Guys,

first of all, I think bubble is great. I am starting to lern the system and build my own project.

Like I said I am a beginner and I have a maybe “stupid” problem.

The following scenario:

  1. I have a homepage with 6 different groups which contain a) Title b) Image

  2. When a user clicks on one of the groups a popup should appear.

  3. When the popup opens it should have the name of the group which the user clicked as a title. So the same popup should always appear but everytime with a new title.

So, user clicks group ABC then a popup should appear with the title ABC
User clicks group XYZ then a popup should appear with the title XYZ.

Which workflow should I use or how can I accomplish that?

What I tried:

Create a group on the top of the popup and say “Data source” = Group ABC’s text

But it does not show anything.

Thank you for your help guys.

BTW. Is there a chat/IRC/slack for helping each other out or discussing (minor) things personally?

Pat can you give us more details please. What are you trying to accomplish with the popup? It will be easier for us to assist you if you recreate it in the forum app or provide us with a link so that we can see what you have done.

Hi raymond, thank you for your help.

I am starting to think that I am even to stupid to lern bubble…
I will read all documentation again and do the videos.

Here is the link to my problem in the forum app:

So you see there are a couple of images/groups. The user can click on one of the images. If he clicks on SMartphones & Tablets a popup opens up. Then comes my problem:

I want the popup to dynamically display the name of the image/group he clicked before. In this case “Smartphones & Tablets”.

Is it now more understandable?

Thank you!

There are several ways of doing this. One way is for the text/image of the group to have multiple states, and you swap between them depending on what was clicked to open the popup.

A less sexy, but still valid, alternative is to just have a different popup for each option.


Thank you. Two things:

  1. I am trying to lern so going the “unsexy” way is not an option :wink: I am trying to lern the principle behind it.

  2. I want to have only 1 popup for several reasons. One of them is that I only have to do one workflow afterwards and then dynamically generate my outcome through the several steps the user took before. Also it is easier to maintain/edit etc.

So can you or somebody maybe explain how I can have multiple states and have them switching depending on what was clicked? Or where can I read this?

I dont get why it is so hard (for me). All I want is a kind of “if this than that” function.
If you clicked the text “Smartphone” copy/display this text along into the new group of the popup.
If you click “XYZ” copy/display this text along into the new group of the popup.

etc. etc.

I haven’t given this a whole lot of thought, but I think you are going to be stuck with multiple workflows regardless. Each time you click a different thing to open the popup, that’s going to be a different workflow. Bubble does operate in the “if this then that” mentality, but it looks like this:

*When I click on the Smartphone box
*Then open the popup
*And set the state of the popup title text to “Smartphone”

In your Condition editor on the popup title text, you would create a condition called something like, “OpenedBy.” If state “OpenedBy = Smartphone,” then the text should be changed to “Smartphone.” The condition editor is below:

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So what you need to do is set the PopUp to have a Type of Text.

Then before you show the popup, set the popup’s Text. You can then have a field that shows the parent group’s text.

That is how you can send text from the group to the popup.

I have added something to that effect in the forum app.

P.S. have only done smartphone.


Nice! I haven’t played too much with setting types, this sounds like a much better solution. Thanks for the knowledge drop!

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Thank you both guys! Really appreciate your help.
Just to show you how much your help effects other users:
I spent around 2-3 hours yesterday with playing around and trying to solve my problem.
With NigelGs help I solved my problem in 5 minutes :slight_smile:
so thanks again!

BTW. Is there a chat/slack or not?

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I thought someone had set a slack channel up.