Are multipart forms supported (API Connector)?

I have an API POST call for uploading a document that requires uploads to happen as a multipart form (Content-Type). Does the API Connector support this? If so, what’s the syntax?

Here’s the call documentation:


Hi @romanmg, did you ever find a solution to this?

I didn’t. I was inquiring for another Bubbler, but still not sure if this is supported. @emmanuel?

We haven’t pushed updates there.

Is there an estimated launch date for this? Part of Stripe’s verification includes sending an image of an “identify_document” like a driver’s license.

It’s not 100% necessary but to eliminate the risk of verification problems with successful resellers, this would be great to add.

Same issue. Any updates on whether the Bubble Connector can/will support a multipart-form?

Would be a helpful capability

Was there ever a solution for this? I’m trying to upload to a container file in Filemaker via API Connector:

Any info would be much appreciated, thanks.

@emmanuel @romanmg Was this ever introduced to in the end? I’m needing to use a multipart form POST API for Stripe document identification.


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