Are Stripe invoices sent when a payment is made?

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I’m using Stripe.js to create Payment Intents, Methods and capture payments on the fly. So far so good. This has all been in testing mode so far so I don’t think it sends any invoices.

I’m curious about whether Stripe sends an invoice out to the customer for any payment generated and captured automatically? If not, how can I get one emailed after a successful payment. The ‘Retrieve a Stripe Invoice’ requires a specific invoice # to grab, but even then I’m not sure what do to with that.

Any advice on Stripe.js and simply sending a courtesy invoice for a successful payment?


Hi! During testing Stripe doesn’t send Invoices to the customers’ email. However you can send a manual test one when in Customers’ Invoice Dashboard in Stripe to see how it will look.

In production Stripe does send an invoice to the customer to the email for payment.

What you can do in testing is to add a webhook to listen to when an invoice is paid in bubble. You can then mark the invoice/order in your bubble as paid when the invoice -paid etc endpoint is triggered by the webhook.

This should also apply in production as you’ll still need to receive an update about what happened to your invoice as payment is done outside your platform in most cases.

Amos Koech

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