Some Stripe.js workflow questions

What is the best practice for generating in-app one-off payments with Stripe.js regarding invoices?

I have Stripe.js in test mode and it’s processing one-off payments just fine, etc. I will be managing my own recurring payment system in my app vs using a Stripe plan. This will based on various workflow logic that I am writing that determines when and how much to charge.

When I submit a one-off payment, does Stripe automatically generate an invoice at that time and email it back to the subscriber? (Haven’t tested anything like that yet)

Should I create a Stripe invoice 2 weeks before I initiate a payment and have that emailed to the subscriber first? Can they pay off of that instead if they want? Any thoughts on best practices for the workflow is appreciated.

Thanks, Dan

Go to your stripe Event Log and watch how the invoice event is triggered. You can use that information to create your API endpoint and email the invoice.