Are there any guides to cleaning/speeding up edtor?

My editor is so slow right now, taking 15 seconds from click to click… I use Google Chrome on Macbook Pro 2016 15 inch 16gb 2.6Ghz.

Does anyone have any advice or alternative browser recommendations?

Doing this always speeds things up temporarily while you make any other changes to your app.

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Yeh thanks, have been clearing but doesn’t really help. Wondering if it’s my macbook or not.

My editor is similarly slow. It makes it very unpleasant to do anything. I have to refresh my browser at least once an hour to stop all sorts of weird things with expressions not showing parameters etc. Not good at all!


I have a MacBook Pro 2020 13 in 2.3 GHz i7 32 GB and it runs amazing.

Are you creating a single page app?

I used to have a MacBook Air that was 10 years old and it ran Bubble great for a long time but eventually Bubble didn’t manage the memory usage and it kept giving me issues. I still can’t believe it did as well as it did though.

Yep - a single-page app…

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Are you using reusable elements for your ‘pages’?

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It’s not. I have a MacBook Pro with the M1 chip and deal with the same thing at times. Clearing cache doesn’t work for me, either, but completely quitting my browser and reopening it helps for a while. I’ve also noticed it’s slower in Chrome vs Opera.

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same here with macbook m1. reopen helps always. even worse in safari.

Deactivating the issue reporter also helps a lot, it’s what takes most of the editor’s resources as the error reporting is made browser-side.
Use the URL parameter &issues_off=true


I recommend using reusable elements to speed up the editor. Then you aren’t trying to load everything on the page each time. It’s a lot better development process and makes it cleaner to work with. :blush:


Thanks, I’ll start implementing

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