Sluggish editor

I have a pretty large single page app 32 “pages”(groups), if I had to estimate I’d say between 300-400 elements on page, all hidden on load except for menu.

Running a 2019 MacBook Pro max spec 32gb of ram I still tend to be sluggish to the point it’s actually incredibly annoying to edit and when clicking on things it can have a couple second delay. The only way to overcome this is to shut down my editor and restart every half hour or less.

I’ve removed all of my heavy plugins I had installed from the store and rebuilt them utilizing only with exactly the portion of the plugin I needed. For example, the graph/chart plugins I had installed I removed and rebuilt using a self hosted option with only chart types I needed to try to reduce the editor load weight.

I’ve tried both chrome and safari and have the same issue on both browsers.

Does anyone else have issues like this? Any suggestions on improving it or tips to make it less rage inducing :joy:

Note: other apps edit totally fine but are either multi page or smaller single page apps.

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As we all know, performance in Bubble is about a comprehensive approach to building the app. 300-400 elements on the page might not consider that if some of those elements are inside repeating groups … the elements count is much bigger. Or … if much filtering is running thus lots of heavy work is being done at the browser level … or … if too many back and forths are taking place between the client and the server … etc etc.

I try to direct folks to the best learning resources that I come across … as much free as possible of course. However, the one below is a paid resource. Worth every penny:

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How many reusable components does your app have?

I have experienced this multiple times, and can say that you don’t need nearly that number of elements to have this issue. Best I can tell bubble has memory leaks (or your browser does), which is why restarting your browser improves the editor speed. I haven’t had a huge amount of luck fixing this, but perhaps trying different browsers may prove helpful.

Honestly though, I’d like to +1 any calls for editor performance improvement by the bubble team. As op mentions, this can prove incredibly annoying.

Common issue. I have it too.

Use “&issues_off=true”
At the end of your address in the editor

Thanks for your response, my app actually follows most common optimization practices, we’ve put a ton of time into optimizing and reducing what we could such as using conditionals on buttons, condensing and recoding plugins, using RG for menus rather than having 48 different navigation elements and a cluttered WF, removed ALL :filter, :Sort, :merge, etc and kept everything as close to possible with original search using only 1-3 constraints.

Would like to use reuseable elements however can’t find a viable way to integrate.

Dude that sped it up a ton! Maybe I should just fix these 432 errors I’ve been avoiding on a page we pushed to a further release :joy:

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Reusable components will dramatically improve the performance of the editor. As it only loads the component, not everything.