Securing a file uploaded to Bubble

Hello there,

I´ve a situation where I´ve to upload files to our users, the thing is that I´ve found that when you upload a file to the Bubble´s servers you get a URL and everybody that has that URL can access to the file itself.

How can I secure this so that people outside the app cannot access that files?

Also, will be a way to upload files directly to a google drive folder?

Thanks a lot guys and good day.

Hello again,

So I´ve seen that whenever you upload a file there is a set file permissions. Now the question is, to see the file or to download the file you need a link that redirects to an external website.

I don´t really understand how this works, I´ve set a file to be private but even though if I´m not logged in I can see the URL and the file.

Can somebody help me with this please?

Here is the app editor:
Here is the live app:

Thanks a lot guys.

Wohooo!! You are so nice Bubble team.

Just figured it out.

Now there is one thing: Will it be possible to set an alert or to change the text when the file is not accessible?

Thanks a lot.

What did you find out? That information would be helpful for others wishing to do the same.

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For a file to be private or secure it’s not enough to attach it to a thing. You also have to set the privacy permissions.

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Oh, I´ve just found that there was information in the Bubble´s reference:

Hope it helps.


Any thought about how to secure the file if the file is uploaded via an API Workflow? I set the privacy permissions, but there is still a public url link to the file. Help?