Possible to make file private?

Looking at the documentation, does not look like we can upload a file privately other than attaching it a thing that has privacy rules.

Am I wrong here?

If you mean upload a file that the app admin can’t see… yea not possible. The admin can see all user’s data and there is no way to hide it, when I asked about it on the forum people were getting angry that I didn’t want to see my user’s data :woman_shrugging:

No, I mean the “Make a file private” checkbox that the normal bubble input had. I’m trying to recreate that

Hi @jonah.deleseleuc,

If you’re referring to Bubble’s built-in File Uploader element, enabling that checkbox causes an Attach this file to field to appear (which is required). So basically, the plugin API works the same as the built-in file uploader.

When a file is made private, the question is “private to whom?”, and privacy rules are the mechanism by which you specify who can access the file by controlling access to the “thing” to which it’s attached.

(FWIW, in my opinion, the checkbox is superfluous. It seems to me the UI could be simplified by eliminating the checkbox and always having the Attach this file to field visible - and maybe change its name to Private to or Access controlled through or something - such that if that field is empty, the file is public.)

Anyway, don’t know if that helps.

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Thanks Sudsy! This will help me create a new feature with Better Uploader

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