Are you a Bubble wizard? I need you!

We’re a non-profit based out of Philadelphia. I’ve had a couple of Bubble developers building a web application for us bit by bit over the last few months, and now we need some extra help to get “Phase 1” done in the next week or two.

The first main functionality of the app is that it facilitates the redistribution of surplus supplies from schools and businesses to under-funded schools that are in desperate need of them - everything from books to desks to computers. Here’s a quick video I made showing that process in the application:

The second main functionality of the app is that it enables schools to create volunteer opportunities for students, and then for students to take advantage of those opportunities. Here’s a quick video I made showing that process:

There’s a lot more functionality to be built starting later in the summer, but right now I want to finish what we’ve started, iron out the bugs and make it more user-friendly. My main developer (the incomparable Gaby Roman) has been great, but she doesn’t have much time, so I need some extra help. The application is starting to get a little bit complex (at least for my little brain), so I need someone with some pretty solid Bubble skills. Thanks!


Update: I’ve started working Salar/CoBubble :slight_smile:

Another update: I’m back on the lookout for a freelancer. PM me if you’re interested. Thanks!


Hi @philnauta,

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