Are you facing degraded performance too?

Hey, noticed the significant app performance degradation.

The bubble Status page marked this as yellow like nothing critical is happening, but basically, our app is not usable atm.

P. S. why Russian-based businesses are hiring Bubble developers and Bubble is not restricted there? It’s so funny to see Bubble trainings in many Russian groups and chats. Do you think it is acceptible? There are businesses in Russia that generate more revenue with Bubble, this revenue then converts into taxes and rockets/bombs which are sent to Ukraine.


I haven’t been able to access the editor for the last 20 minutes.

Stuck on this:

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Our live app is down, not editor

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Same here

Hitting some very odd behaviour as well - slow editor / live view of Database and a recent error with a live API key

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Yes me too. I just tried to contact the support and they also have an issue:


Kind of sad if the support is not reachable and the status page is saying every is ok we just had an error for 3 mins:

im facing the same issue, it keeps loading but doesn’t open the app editor

Yes, I am having trouble viewing my account page, the editor etc. Constantly stuck on loading. @emmanuel

Same issue here, pages just load indefinitely

Same here, thought it was just me.

Hopefully solved soon

same, my sites are down

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all down

My app’s frontend is still up on the live side, but the API to stripe is broken. Seems to be something big @bubble

Editor and site is down.

Constantly getting timed out on a run of the data API - it is just doing a GET. Nothing fancy.

Yeah very sluggish including timeouts in the editor

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Looks like they are likely working on things according to

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The same, colossal performance degradation.
I will not be surprised to know that it’s not Bubble’s fault and something is happening elsewhere, for example, on CloudFlare’s side. Auth0 (an authentication service that is usually pretty stable) is also out of service.

yep it’s down

Said resolved on the uptime page, but it is still having issues.

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