Area of the screen not clickable even though nothing should be stopping it

Hi - I have a webapp which I have been tinkering with, and for some reason there now seems to be an area towards the top of the screen which is simply not clickable.

I can’t see any groups (hidden or not) that it could be, and I’m wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this, and would have any ideas as to a fix?

It is happening on both desktop and mobile. The site is

You should be able to click on the whole area of each cell, but a bottom part of the top row, and the top part of the 2nd row are just not clickable for some reason.

Any held very much appreciated.

If you have a reusable header check this - when I have had this problem it was always the header covering an object

Simon, you are a genius.

My header is just a floating group 60px high, but there were a couple of groups in there at 153 on the y axis for some reason (I think when I added a small group to it earlier, it had added a couple by mistake - seems to do that sometimes).

Anyway - fixed now - thanks very much for your help.

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