Floating group not visible make element not clickable


I don’t understand why but when one of my group (or floating group) are invisible, all of element under aren’t clickable.

Vidéo example : https://cl.ly/9a3e289f4f8d (Cloudapp link)

In this video, I have a fix menu with a floating group and impossible to click on my card :confused:

Is this a bug or it’s a normal behavior of invisible group ?

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Normally this shouldn’t happen. There must be something else wrong.

Thanks for your response but I test on another element and same result. I’m work specifically on reusable element

Have you tried checking collapse element height when not visible? This is probably what’s causing it.

Oh man this same problem drove me insane too. Sorry to say, I never found a solution.

I also had a hidden/invisible floating group within a reuseable header that overflowed below the bottom of the header, which wouldn’t let you click on the element behind it.

I was trying build a floating mobile menu that takes up the whole screen, but obviously because of this problem I had to just use a normal group instead. (bubble really needs to provide a solution to building a custom mobile menu other than the standard plugin they have, it’s quite frustrating).

Anyway, this is I how I worked around this problem in my app, if you want to check it out.

user: user
password: password


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Already done

Great website ! Have you use Sidebar menu plugin to do your menu ? It’s really clean

Thank for the tips !

Very frustrating even in desktop if you want to show submenu :confused:

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