Incredibly simple button not registering clicks (and yes it is clickable)

here’s the app:

the button is in a group

and all it does is show the text Ta da!

it is clickable!

but it simply doesn’t click!

the page has a menu bar at the top but this does not overlap, nor does it matter where I move the button.


don’t get this at all

Hi @peter :slight_smile: Hmm, that’s odd! Can you share a link to the app editor?

*Edit: It looks like it may be because a reusable element is overlapping. Even though the reusable element “menus A” is set to be 50 pixels in height on the page, its height as a reusable element is 500px, and may be covering the button when the page is previewed:

Not 100% sure, but if you delete that reusable element temporarily, does the button become clickable?

Don’t thrash on this. Your button isn’t clickable. But it’s visible.

Launched your app on my phone. Something is in front of the button.

Bring it to front.

Well, the problem was not the menu but the 1680x50px tall floating group header.
I took out the menu but it still didn’t work.
There was no clue until I looked at it in responsive view,
In responsive view the header was about 500px tall even though it never rendered on the page as such.
So even though the X -Y of the header never showed the Y > 50px the top Z-index of the header was a different (but invisible) shape. Possibly because the group rescales somehow.
I tried to change the header from a floating group to a standard group but it made no difference.
Anyway I’ve got rid of floating group headers and now it works. I would prefer to have kept a floating group header but it screws everything up.

I find the responsive side of Bubble by far its most irritating and unpredictable aspect.
personally i would call that a bug.

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