Arghh, Help. Lost My Plugin Code

I was just tidying up some code in my first plugin (and pleased with myself that it was working) when I control-z’d both the initialization and update functions into oblivion. Instead of undoing the last action it deleted all the text in the window. Cntrl-Y and Cntrl-Shft-Z don’t bring it back. The plugin editor doesn’t seem have the edit tab so no undo/redo buttons. I think I’ve lost a whole lot of work.

Been through this experience several times. Couldn’t get back the code. Unfortunately plugin editor doesn’t support undo

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If you’ve published a version, you can almost certainly get back the published version code.

Otherwise, if the code was there for a while, an email to Bubble support might be a way to find out if there are any automatic backups to restore from.

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Thanks gaurav and mishav. I still have a working copy of the plugin in it’s test app so it ‘exists’ somewhere, but I can’t figure out anyway of extracting it from there. I’ll try Bubble support as you suggest mishav.

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