Ask Me Anything w/ Emmanuel -- A call for Questions

Meetaway is hosting Emmanuel for an Ask Me Anything session, followed by conversations with other Bubblers. The meetaway is next week on Tuesday at 2pm Eastern. Register for the group to attend.

Additionally, we’re going to be recording the AMA session ahead of time so please share questions that you’d like to ask Emmanuel on this thread within the next 20 hours. I’m going to curate the questions and topics so that we focus Emmanuel’s time on the questions that are most interesting and relevant to the Bubble Community.

Would anyone like us to run the event again at another time (maybe 9pm Eastern)? If so, please reply to this thread to let me know. If there’s enough interest, we’ll run the event next at another time.


Q: I know that a lot of improvements have been done under the hood. Changes that are not very visible but key to the future of Bubble. But from a WOW perspective, what is the next big thing that we can expect during the next 6 months? What about a year?


Several new team members have joined the Bubble team in recent months. Could you tell us more about the new team members, their roles and what this means for Bubble’s roadmap? As well, for open roles (current or near term), how can the community help with recruitment?

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Are improvements in the management of the database on the cards, specifically the Admin “Data” - at the moment it can be a pain and some simple improvements of viewing / accessing data can help understand the relationships between things / data etc.

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With the implementation of reserved capacity on some plans, what’s the likelihood of implementing an easier method for running loops?

What is your vision for Bubble’s native mobile app builder? Something like dropsource?


To double-up on this one, will it be native or will it continue to be web technologies wrapped?

Many websites rely on good SEO to bring in organic traffic. Since Bubble apps are more dynamic in their data structure, it’s understandable that SEO options are hard to work into the editor. There are already a few settings available (sitemap, no follow, element attributes, headers, etc.), but where do further SEO improvements fall on the roadmap? The biggest pain point I’ve seen are apps with dynamic pages (profiles, blog posts, etc) not being crawled properly or not being able to have clean URLs (no unique id) alongside a page with Content Type set.


Gaby beat me to the punch with her question, had the same initial thoughts, but I have a question below.

Q: I am curious with regards to the Bubble built plugins and what the future holds for them in terms of any plans to expand & develop more plugins in-house? or to build upon & make improvements over time to the existing collection e.g. slider menu, full calendar, slick slideshow?


What is Bubble’s long-term vision on funding, being acquired, etc. I know from different forum posts, podcast, interviews, etc. that Bubble have a vision of remaining independent, but is there a plan to address this in terms of actual binding agreements with clients that the product is not unexpectedly sold off to Microsoft/Adobe, etc with possible major changes in usage terms, pricing and policies?

I’ve seen a lot of technologies over the years starting out with well-meaning, visionary founders, only to be swallowed up by one of the tech giants once the potential acquisition price grows into the millions or billions. Which I think Bubble has the potential to reach in the coming years.


Are community-built reusable elements with workflows part of the vision for the Bubble plugin ecosystem? I’m thinking about fully working and self contained components like a user to user messaging component that a user can add to their app and customise, or an activity stream component or a user polling widget etc - each pre-packaged with the required UI elements, database tables/fields and associated workflows.


@petter question I also would like to know. I am about to put on my first beta organisation with a hundred users and this particular point does keep me awake at night! :scream:

Q1: What have been some of the most significant milestones these past (6?) years, since coming up with the idea of bubble till now?

Q2: What’s the most challenging technical problem you’ve overcome?

Q3: And most challenging personal problem you’ve overcome?

Q4: What do you think the biggest difference between how you imagined running a successful technology company was and what the reality of it is?


Q6: What’s the most common technical mistake people make while building their apps?

Q7: What’s the most surprising use case you’ve seen for bubble so far?

Q8: What’s something you haven’t seen being built on bubble that you wish was?

Q9: What’s the biggest misconception traditional technical founders have about bubble and what is your response to it?

Q10: What is the most exciting bubble editor related feature you hope to roll out 1-2 years from today? What about bubble company development 1-2 years from today?

Q11: srsly tho, how often are you watching people edit in their editor?

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Thanks for all of the amazing ideas for questions everyone, and thanks @emmanuel for taking the time to talk today. I learned a tremendous amount about where you’re taking Bubble and am super excited to be able to share our conversation with everyone at our upcoming meetaway next week.

If you’re a semi-regular Bubble user and want to know where Bubble is headed, you really don’t want to miss this. Product Vision, Product Roadmap, Mobile, SEO, Site Speed, Team, Startup Challenges …all of it’s covered.

So, if you haven’t already registered, RSVP today. And, if you can’t make it at the scheduled time, let me know and I’ll try to find a 2nd time that works for everyone.


Will someone be providing a post with the text from the answers?

Nope. If you’d like to hear from Emmanuel on this you’ll want to come out to the event. We’re pushing this approach because the meetaway will also be a great way to meet other Bubblers 1:1 to share added information and strengthen relationships.

That’s unfortunate to be honest. It’s segregating the community.

I can be interested in what Emmanuel has to say but maybe I’m not interested in being forced to interact with other bubblers to learn about the future of Bubble. Or not having time for that. Or having social panic. Or whatever reason :slight_smile:

All in all I do wish you all the best and luck with the meetaway project. I know there is a lot of effort behind it.

But I can’t agree with this. @emmanuel should have not either.


This is a free event. The whole idea is to build community by strengthening relationships within the Bubble community. We’re doing it so people can meet each other face to face, over video, even though we’re all spread out over the world.

We don’t give out our content outside of our events because we want to foster a community. Whether you agree or not, I’m sure you understand. Hope you’ll attend if you can.

You asked for the questions here in the Bubble forum…not in meetaway. But you force us to register to the event to know about the answers that are of interest for the whole Bubble community.

It just feels weird.


If this is a genuine concern, I’m happy to talk privately.