Meetaway AMA with Emmanuel

Hey @sridharan.s! I was just checking to see when the AMA was, but it seems unfortunately it was yesterday already :cry:.

I’m very interested in this AMA but the timing of these meetaways “never” allows me to join and it feels weird to ask for a reschedule, especially with a very different timezone and me just being one person to ask in this case.

Also, and maybe I’m still not getting the format here exactly, these are live sessions right? So whatever is discussed during one, will not necessarily be the same as in the next.

Just so I understand: you had a 1v1 with @emmanuel that was recorded ahead of time, but how was that then distributed since these are only 1v1’s? Has every participant had the chance to have a 1v1?

So what I was wondering, since it seems you recorded the AMA. Would it not be a great piece of content to showcase the platform while at the same time satisfy a bunch of forum people who participated in creating the content by providing questions?


@sridharan.s, I second wanting to know what the answers were to Emmanual’s AMA with all of the questions that everyone posted. I’m all for Meetaway, and had a great time talking 1-on-1 on the last Bubble meetaway, but I don’t understand how community AMAs are supposed to work on the platform and why keeping that info secret is of any help.

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Yes sadly missed the event on Meetaway last month, but would be great to know the results of the AMA - even in transcript form. Always fascinated with the future vision of Bubble from the founders.

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The recording ended not working so there is no transcript, nor recorded interview unfortunately, so you guys aren’t missing anything here.


Bummer, thanks for the update @emmanuel.