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Assign data to other users

Has anyone figured out a way to expose the “Creator/Created By” fields? Here’s the use case:

  1. Uploading a CSV, and having one column be email addresses of the creator. That way we’d be able to assign data to users without having to make another awkward relationship.
  2. In an admin panel, I’d be able to create a new thing and assign the “created by” to a specific user, without having to change my data structure to rely on lists or making changes to that user.

Haven’t been able to expose the field myself, but couldn’t you just create another field of type “User” and use that in place of the Creator field?

Thanks @natedogg, that could be a great workaround for a new app. Sadly for an existing app with a few thousand database dependencies on the creator field, it would be really hard to do, which is the situation I’m in. @emmanuel or @georgeciobanu - any way to turn on this field in the workflows tab?

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What if you ran a bulk action in the data tab to assign the Creator field’s value to the new “Creator” field. That would easily take care of setting up the new field for each database entry.

From there, you would just have to use the app search tool to find all of the items that use the old Creator field, and change the sorting.

I think the best approach here is an API workflow that finds a user based on email and then does what you want. It’s a little bit of coding but shouldn’t be too hard…