"Created by" anonimity

Hi @emmanuel

I’m creating a specific functionality of an app that requires anonymous submitting. This means that there should be no trace in the DB whatsoever of who created a thing.

Is there a way to prevent the Created By to be linked to the current user? Or maybe to make the field “Created By” accesible and writable at workflow level so I can force it to be created by a dummy user.


You can use privacy rules to hide the content of the field. That’s the best way to handle this use case.

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I was referring more to the owner of the app. Preventing from accessing that data on the editor. Database view.


Could you create a new Bubble user account for your client(s) and invite them to your app with specific permissions? I believe you can disable their ability to view any data in Settings → Collaboration.

I accidentally may have stumbled across a possible solution for you:

Create an object in the database via API workflow (only tested unauthenticated) and the resulting object should have no creator attached to it if you never specified one.

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Thanks @philip You are a saver!

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