Assign icons based on company attributes


I would like to assign attributes to a company and then display an image based on those. Can you give some guidance as to how I could set this up? For example, if a restaurant responses “Yes” to having a patio at their location, then display an image. If not, do not display.


Put that into a conditional onto the image element…so when the restaurant has a patio is yes…show the image.

This will also depend on how your database is setup and how you plan to display all the data associated with a restaurant.

The appropriate method would be to have a list of attributes as an option set…then have on the restaurant data type a field that is a list of those option set attributes, so that when the restaurant chooses an attribute they have, it is saved onto the restaurant data type in the field of option set attributes.

Then on the restaurant page, you have a repeating group set to type of option set attributes and datasource of current pages restaurants attributes option set list…then you only show the attributes they have, and can show the image without a need for conditional because you only show the attributes they have.

If for some reason you want to show all attributes and only show the image if they have it, your conditional would be restaurant attributes option set list contains current cells attribute.

Hi @boston85719,

Thanks for the response. I was able to get icons to display by location correctly but was wondering if this is the only way to add the option set to the company dataset? I want to avoid having multiple drop downs for each attribute.


Make it so that the option set has all of the attributes.

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