Icon conditions controlled by Dropdown Menu

Hello. I am very new to Bubble, and will appreciate the help.

I have a Dropdown value set to two options, Yes or No, with a button to add any of those values to a database with data field type set to text.
How/is it possible to set the condition of an icon to change based on the dropdown text selected? If yes, please describe how I can do this.
Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 23.34.15
Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 23.45.05

On the icon have a conditional for each.

When drop down ‘s value is “no” Icon source is X

When drop down ‘s value is “yes” icon source is “:white_check_mark:

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Hello Jobs.
Thanks for your quick reply.
I have done as you instructed but I am still getting the icon showing up as only one of the conditions. I think the problem is coming from the work flow set up. Please see attached image.

For the workflow, I am creating a new thing each time the user pushes a button, the flow is meant to add the drop down selection to the database, but for some odd reasons it is only recording the ‘no’ option and not the ‘yes’ option :worried:

Please help if you can.


Screenshot 2022-02-08 at 00.09.39

You’re exactly correct! The issue is in the workflow but the conditionals you set up look good.

You’ll want to delete the bottom “attendance” field in the workflow as we’ll only need one.

Instead of having it set to “yes or no” directly, let’s change that to the dropdown’s value. That should fix the issue!

Good luck!! :+1:

That was my initial approach but that did not work as the work flow reports that as an error. Please see screenshot attached. I have also included a screen shot of the DB for that object showing the field type. It may just be me not doing something right or it may be an issue from Bubble’s end.

So when i select Dropdown’s Value as the field to change in the Database, it shows up as an incorrect logic.
Please see screenshots of the steps I took.

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