Assign Temporary Password Issue


I’m trying to change the password for a newly created account because I need to sync it with a standard. The reason is that I use miniorange’s SAML login and their procedures require this.

I set up the workflow by first creating the account for someone else, then assigned a temporary password to the user and then used reset credentials for the user using the temporary password as the old password.

Unfortunately I have a workflow error (I am attaching a screen). Does anyone know how to solve it?

Also I noticed that if I see the logs, the new password you enter is different from the one I enter inside the change the credentials for… anyone who knows how to solve it? Thank you!

‘Update the User’s Credentials’ updates the Current User’s credentials… not some other User.

There’s no way directly to change another User’s password in Bubble (that I’m aware of at least).

What exactly is the use-case here?

when/where is this workflow being run?

I am using SSO with Miniorange and in setting the plugin on the bubble all users must have the same password. Then from the minorange interface they will go to change the unique login password for all our apps.

Any advice to be able to solve in your opinion? I was reading just that among the tips on how to set a password for the user when it is created by someone else.

The workflow starts when the manager creates the user for another person.

Maybe that was exactly what escaped me … maybe I can make the first login with the temporary password of bubble … once entered the app it will show a popup where by clicking the button will directly change the password for current user …

What do you think of this? Do you have any other ideas about it? I missed just what you were saying … Great!

The solution is to log in to the user before resetting the password…