How to change password for users?


I don’t want users to be able to sign up (only login), just email addresses that I have made in the Database is allowed. I would like to be able to set the passwords for the Users.
Someone told me to do this “when a user enters their email, you provide a random string to set as their password.” The question is how to do it? And can I create a field where the password will be saved in the database (is it a good idea)?

Hey Grace, so in the “sign the user up” and “log the user in” action steps, where it says password instead of tying that to an input you would just use “calculate formula<generate random string” and thats it no need to touch the database as bubble stores passwords

But I need to see the password of each user. How?

You could create a second password field in your database so you are essentially storing 2 copies of the password when the user signs up, but thats probably not a good because there are any number of ways to accidentally expose user data through an incorrect logic flow.

Well I think I did the same thing but I am not sure because when I am creating a new user and logging in with the new user that I created it is showing me that the password is incorrect.


You’re doing it all wrong. Once you create the user for someone else create another action called assign temporary password for the user. You don’t create a Password field. All accounts made on your app are kept private, no one can view the passwords.

So I cannot assign a password for a user?

No you cannot.

Can I save a copy of their password and display it in a repeating group?

No. Bubble hides all users passwords. Security purposes. I don’t think you’d like other people to know your passwords.

Can I create something like a password but under a different name like “Passcode”? The passcode will not be hidden by Bubble so I can view them and change them.

No. Users can only login when a user creates their account using the built-in Bubble create account action.

As I said, you can generate temporary passwords for users though.

Why don’t you simulate the Sign up with a different table.

Ignore Users

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Can you explain more? I didn’t get it

Create a page called Company.

Create a record Company

Create three tables: email, password type text, logged in yes/no

Use the encrypt plugin to encrypt the password in your database. Decrypt it in your repeating group.

Grant acess to company if password is correct.

Status logged in yes/no

what about changing the password? is there a way or another to modify it?

how do I create a record?

Make changes to thing … do a search for:company:filtered > Advanced > This company email contains this page company email.

Change password.

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Sorry I’m on mobile. This should be sufficient for you to come up with potential solutions.

Hope that makes sense.