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Associate Forum Topics with Documentation Categories

It might be useful for people if there were a way to associate Forum threads with the bubble documentation so that when you’re looking at a specific item in the documentation you could click a button to see related discussions in the forum.

To take it a step further, it’d also be supremely useful if there were links to functioning “code” / public bubble apps from the documentation. Perhaps the community would even add their own apps / “code” samples so that there’s an organized repository to help people master items that are only touched up from within the documentation.

Just an idea.

A few users have experimented there (@vlad, @NigelG, @levon), and the forum apps are for this as well. Maybe one day we’ll push one way and make it official, but i think we need to see how this goes before making a move.

If people have more ideas and want to experiment, I’d love to see what that leads to.

Yes @sridharan.s - our best attempt at creating a way to share public apps is at, a library of various Bubble widgets for people to both use and learn from. Feel free to request new widgets for us to build or submit widgets for the community to use.

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Similar, but a bit less widgety is

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Yep. Been using that. Super helpful. Want even more :smile: