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This forum - is it build on Bubble?

If yes, would it be possible to have it as example app? it would be really helpful for learning purposes

Regards Claudiu

This is Disqus. It could have been built on Bubble, however, Emmanuel mentioned in an interview because Disqus already offered a good forum solution, there was no need to recreate one just for the sake of building it on bubble.

Yep, except that it’s discourse :slight_smile:

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is it possble to make the app (a copy) public?

Which app? The forum is not a Bubble app.

sorry. i misunderstood

Is it possible to have a single sign-on for my bubble app users? I mean, if I have discourse on another site. Can my bubble app users sign in with their credentials to a Discource forum like this.

if yes, any pointers would be great.

We don’t support this right out-of-the-box but we could add this if it’s important. Reach out if you want us to do this on a custom basis.

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