Associate user with company, then verify email is associated with domain

When I onboard new users, I need them to associate their account with an existing company (or create a new one). I’m using a simple search box input form to do that:

(Company is a separate data type in my database, and each company has info like website, logo, etc.)

But here’s my problem - I need each user to also provide an email address, and I need to make sure the email address is associated with the company. AKA verify that the matches the of the company.

First, I tried a single form like this:

Then I tried setting up a workflow to make sure the email contains the domain name. But if the user hasn’t been created, I don’t know how to check against the user’s company, because the user doesn’t exist yet:

Second, I thought about having them select a company first then creating the user at that point before going to the rest of the form. But creating a user requires an email address…

At some point in the workflow, I also want to then send a verification email (in workflow) to the user’s provided email address to make sure they have access to that email. I know how to do that part - just need a workflow that this can fit into.

Thank you so much for your help!

There is some extract with regex pattern that could extract from the email address all characters after the @

I don’t know what the regex pattern is, but if you search the forum you should find it.

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