How to verify user's company email?

Hello all,

I am building an app, and I need to link the users to their company’s. The user must enter the company’s email and then it would be preferred that the company can verify the user through a link in that email.
I have an existing database of all the company’s and emails. And It could be multiple users linked to one company.

Anyone have a ideas how I could set this up?

The simplest way of doing it is generating a text key (calculate/formula → random string) and storing it on the company’s data type if you have one.

Then create a page called ‘company verification’ that runs a WF on page load, expecting 2 URL parameters 1) user Email and 2) Company’s text key

The WF checks whether the company admin is logged in (which they should be) and if so, verifies that the user with that email is from that company.

You can then conditionally display some success or failure text as a result of this WF on the verification page.

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