How to add only company domain emails

Hi, I am trying to create a sign-up page where I want the user only add company domain emails, not gmail, outlook, aol, proton etc. The email field in the database is selected as text.

How can I solve this matter?
company domain

yep, add a when condition this input's value:extract domain is not XXX, for example:

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And here is a list that might be helpful.

You can also create an SSO login (i.e., a Google login or Microsoft login restricting only to your org)

@ashish.ramdin, I’m about to release an AI Powered Text parser that can perform these kind of operations. It’s only days away as I’m waiting for bubble approval and a few documents

One of the actions the plugin provides (AI Match) will allow you to simply ask the plugin if the text input is a free email or not

Like this:

Here is a sample application you can play around with as a preview, I’m hoping the plugin itself will be available in a few days