Atomic Fusion's Creator Program: Earn by sharing components & widgets

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the Atomic Fusion Creator Program!

:moneybag: The Creator Program is a monetization engine that pays top Creators a revenue-share for the best Assets shared with the community.

:busts_in_silhouette: Earnings are calculated based on the number of times monetized assets get used and Creators are paid out monthly.

:thinking: What’s in it for everyone else?

Creators are already uploading and sharing some of the best assets we’ve ever seen on Atomic Fusion. As a user, you get access to all these amazing new components and widgets that help you build stunning apps in no time :rocket:

Now, such Creators will get paid based on how much their monetized Assets get used by the Atomic Fusion community.

In case you’re new to Atomic Fusion: It’s a community-driven library of Bubble components and widgets that can be reused in your Bubble apps via our Chrome Extension.

Interested in being a Creator? Upload your first high-quality asset to be eligible to apply.
Here’s a walk-through :point_down:

  1. Make sure your Asset has a Quality Score of over 40
  2. Apply & get accepted into the Creator Program
  3. Add any number of high-quality Assets to the Creator Program
  4. Wait for them to get approved and monetized

:white_check_mark: You own your work
:white_check_mark: Users can access & reuse it from the Chrome Extension
:white_check_mark: We measure this usage activity
:white_check_mark: We pay you every month

Reach out to @ranjitbhinge, @atomicfusion or

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