How To Build A Patreon Clone With No Code - Bubble

Platforms like Patreon have made it possible for audiences to support their favorite creators throughout their endeavors. Through a monthly subscription program, creators can package and distribute value in any unique form they choose. But what if you’re a maker who’d like to build their own membership platform like Patreon?

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How do you pay out people if it is tied to your own subscriptions vs. their own on their individual stripe accounts?


Bumping this - thanks @vivienne!

I have the same question as @carley, is it answered somewhere in the forum?

@vivienne do you still work at Bubble? Bumping the aforementioned questions.

Do you have any more guidance on the correct workflows around creators setting their subscription amount and charging subscribers for these subscription amounts?

I’ve done quite a bit of research in the bubble manual, third party bubble vendors, and the stripe API. It’s pretty confusing! Might be worth running through a recorded video explaining the Stripe API.