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Hello everyone I wanted to let everybody know that Atomic Fusion is now live! You can grab the chrome extension at

Keep in mind this is still an early beta / mvp release. The component libraries are thin but new items will be added weekly. Would love for anybody that has code snippets they may want to share to try out the Code Locker feature. Create your repo and make it public or keep it private.

I have laundry list of bugs to fix and features to add. Wish me luck and thank you for your support!


Looks really nice. Thanks for sharing!

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Look great I already. I already installed it but i can see when i click on logo

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Use the icon docked on the left bar in your bubble editor.

FYI the youtube video in the Chrome store is unavailable.

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Yep. Fixing that today republishing.

I’ll be making a full walk through video today with the current state, how to use AF and where it’s heading. Stay tuned! I’ll be fixing the chrome store video link as well.

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Great job Neil!

Thank you!!!

Which responsive editor does this support

The new flexbox engine.

This is awesome! Thanks @neilpierce for building this :rocket:

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Atomic Fusion is officially live and launched in Beta mode! Please feel free to grab the chrome extension at

Here are some quick screenshots. Everything is currently free to use.


Nailed it! So much here Neil, well done.


Thank you so much!

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@neilpierce Will certainly be a huge success! My issue is that when I click the Chrome extension bar icon but nothing happened? Maybe a hot fix in the next version?

@neilpierce doesn’t seem to be working for me either. Have installed the extension, restarted Bubble, etc but when I click the extension nothing happens.

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@neilpierce Thanks - got you, I see that now. Unusual behavior for a Chrome extension though, think you might end up explaining this quite a lot. Is there a reason that it can’t be triggered by clicking the actual Chrome extension icon like normal?

Nice extension though, looks really useful. Thanks for building.

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I’ve had a few times already asked about. It’s on my fix list.

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@neilpierce thought you might :slight_smile: BTW - under Communities & Newsletters, the link to BlueSpace - Discord Community resolves to an ‘Invite Invalid’ message.