Attach Google Drive Files

I am working on a helpdesk and want to be able to attach google drive documents to a ticket. Currently I only know how to attach local files. I looked into plugins but didn’t see an upload attachment from google drive plugin.

Any suggestion?

There are multiple approaches you could investigate depending on your circumstances

A google drive file at one level is just a link to web document. If your Google Drive document was public you could simply add a link to that document in the ticket. Ie share files from Google drive like this

You could extract the file from Google Docs and import that copied file into Bubble (once in Bubble you can more easily manage attachments, links, etc to that file). The things to investigate are “Google Drive”, “Service account” “API File manager” - there are numerous Plugin and guides about this eg—api-file-manager-1627916090526x810943116505251800 (just the first one I found)

Hope that gives you some ideas to investigate. :slight_smile:

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