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Attaching file to Current User's File Field not functioning


Trying to save a file upload to the current user’s user data. I am getting the error message that says it must be saved to something saveable even though i am trying to save the files to a file datatype. Does anyone know why this doesn’t work?

Could you share a bit more info on the data structure you have and how you’ve set up the field to save the file? Screenshots or link?

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Here are screenshots:

What type of data type should I be saving to?

Thanks a ton!

Make this file private/Attach this file to is used to determine who has access to the file. In this case, it would be “Current User”.

I think you’d like to autobind the file to the User’s Utility field instead so it saves automatically? To do this, you can place the file uploader in a group (type: User, data source: Current User), then select Enable Autobinding for the file uploader element.

You will then see a message stating that you need to setup a privacy role to ensure that the User has the correct permission to use auto-binding, such as:

Back on the page, once the file uploader is placed in a group, you’ll have the option to select the Usage Utility field:

This will automatically save the file each time it is uploaded. :slight_smile: