[Need Help] Simple Image Uploader

Basically I want to make a simple image uploader, where the user uploads an image and it sends to the users Database stored in bubble, and eventually I want to make it so that it makes a unique URL to access it again. At the moment I am having troubles getting the structure correct.

URL: https://geo-data.bubbleapps.io/version-test

(Anyone should be able to edit it)

I think I fixed it for ya. In the workflow part, the thing you should be editing is “Current User,” not “Current User’s Pics.” It’s slightly confusing at first, but you pick Current User, then in the dialog box, you say, “Pics add PictureUploader A’s Value”

That adds the picture to the user.

Thanks, still getting used to the concept of bubble.

Not sure if it works at the moment though, can’t really tell.

Could use the concept of “bind” too.

In your Image Uploader object, in the property box, selected bind and select the field in the user thing corresponding to the image file. You will be asked to set the permission to allow binding this field. This is a good thing as it protects your data.

The end result, once the user selects the image it gets saved automatically to the user’s image field. Later you can do what you want with it and get to its location (URL). You can protected it or allow public access to it.

Good luck.

Seems to store image data, but I’m having troubles getting the repeating group to display all the images a user uploads.

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