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Auction Date Countdown


I am working on an app that has an auction style area on it. Is there a way that I can count down from TODAY the current date until the hours:minutes:seconds that the auction ends?

Basically I would like to see a live countdown showing beside the item that shows how many days:hours:minutes:seconds are left until the auction ends.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I am new to bubble and would really appreciate any tips!

Thank you,

You could have a workflow that calculates the time remaining every 5 seconds …

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Thank you for your help!

@eworkapps did you manage to make it? i m having some similar project and i would like to know if you succeed?
Regards Claudiu

@cm1 I have not had the chance to try implementing the workflow suggested by @NigelG

Have you had the chance to try anything with this yet?

i can’t get it done :frowning: i can’t show the user in real time the remaining time.
Only by page refresh

actually i have managed to get the remaining time of x auction. the issue is that i can’t show the timer, in realtime, only by page refresh

@cm1 I wonder if there is a plugin or something in blockspring or zapier that would display a countdown timer.

I will have to look into this when I get a chance because the countdown in realtime is crucial to the web app I am building…

i could not find antthing until noe. i m stuck at this moment and don t know what to do :frowning:

is not accurate :frowning:
other suggestion?

iFrame it in.

Code from here …