Audio Editing in Bubble - Is it possible?

Greetings Bubblers,

I was hoping someone with knowledge in plugin development could chime in on this. Would it be possible to make the features listed below into a plugin? Basicly people would be able to record sound and edit it with a nice UI. Pictures taken from

Can this be implemented maybe?: GitHub - naomiaro/waveform-playlist: Multitrack Web Audio editor and player with canvas waveform preview. Set cues, fades and shift multiple tracks in time. Record audio tracks or provide audio annotations. Export your mix to AudioBuffer or WAV! Add effects from Tone.js. Project inspired by Audacity.

  1. Split 1 audio clip into multiple audio clips. Cutting at a time marker. Just like this gif below.


  1. Combine multiple audio clips into 1 audio file. Like pic below.

Since it’s Node/JS, it seems to be doable. One would have to spend some focused developer hours on it to really tell you.

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Okay so everything that is possible with Node and JS is possible with Bubble plugins? Not a coder but I would be looking to hire someone to develop this.

This is what the website runs, Node.js and Express just like Bubble but also React.


Not quite everything, but most things.

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Anyone done anything further in this area?

To me it looks like step 1 would be possible just marking “mute on/off” points with one of the audio player and having them start at the right times to stay in sync.

It’s step 2 I’m not sure is possible, like playlisting the clips is easy enough but rendering the output as one file (ideally offline without having to listen all the way through), I dunno if you can do that currently with any plugins?

Bump! Even an external API if someone knows about? Where you could send it an audio file and timestamps in the audio for creating new clips and have it send the edited file back to you?