Audio Player - New Plugin from Zeroqode

hey Bubblers!
we have published a new plugin - Audio Player

This plugin allows you to play most audio formats simply by uploading a static file or dynamic URL. Its advanced features allow you to enable auto-play and auto-replay at the end. You can also configure start and end seconds and customize the player color and border radius
Here is the link to the plugin page:

demo page:

and some screenshots:


Levon Terteryan
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We have pushed an update to this plugin and it now supports play list, play next & play previous workflow actions.

Levon Terteryan
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Just produced a gif for this plugin to better demonstrate its features :slight_smile:

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And how does the plugin work with Mac and Linux? Is there a setting for different headphones?

it should work just fine

unfortunately no

Well, as I understood that it is possible to put an emulator through it, about the type of headphones sorry for link( 1st example)

i’m not sure how this can be used with our plugin

Why do you think so? I think it should be useful.

Just started as subscriber to the recorder and player plugin. Works like a charm, thanks!

I am working on a platform that allow users to follow and like other audio contributors/users. For this i will need to know which user a specific S3 link is store under, is there a way to get the username of the currently playing audio track for example? Both to display it while the audio is playing, and to start following that specific user…

I can only figure out how to do a search for the audio files stored under a user, but not how to get the username of an specific audio URL stored in the DB.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:


Hi Rune,
what do you mean a username of a specific Audio URL? You mean the username of the user who uploaded the audio file? More context and perhaps screenshots would be required to understand what you mean stored under a user and stored in the DB
This is actually not a plugin specific question though, so i’d recommend searching the forum for an answer or taking some courses to master your Bubble skills :slight_smile:

Dear Levon

Thanks for your reply, thinking of it, you are absolutely right this is solely a Bubble/DB question, i will find a way to enhance my skills or ask somewhere else.

I have a few other questions, maybe you can clarify if these are relevant for Zeroqode:

Storing audiofiles:
It seems like the plugin automatically uploads the file to s3 directly after end recording, this means the user have to wait for the recording to upload, even if they might not end up storing the URL in the database. Is it possible to let the user preview the recording before uploading or do i need to upload in order to playback anyway? And then delete the unused recordings from s3 afterwards? Right now its just filling precious storing space if they dont use the recordings, and making them wait for upload they might not need.

Continuous playback in background on mobile
I am using “Search for” in Dynamic link, to find the specific URLS for the user to listen to. + “Enable autoplay Audio list” option. But is there any way to enable continous playback on IOS, allowing the users to listen while in screen lock mode, or when the browser is in the background? Or is this only possible for Desktop users according to Apple policy about user actions for audio? Will this change in the future? Can it be done with a native bubble app?

Thank you again
Best Rune

Hello @hej, thank you for reaching out.

Unfortunately that’s how plugin works, you can try to delete files using workflows after users preview. It will helps to not store a lot of files.

Yes, you are absolutely right - it’s about iOS Policy, You can’t listen in screen lock mode at browsers (for example Youtube works the same) . And the native apps will works in this case.

Thank you.
Regards! Zeroqode team

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Hi, thanks for this great plugin which is a part of the backbone of my project along with the recorder! Two small important questions.

Is it possible to get the minute/sec length out of the player to display elsewhere? I can only see the current playhead position.

I can hide the recorder on load, and then show it and get the user prompt allowing the device to acces the microphone, but i cannot hide it / kill it again. And on mobile it has influence over the playback function, is that possible somehow without refreshing the page?


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Just put an object to cover it.

interesting idea, will try thanks!

yes, the plugin returns " current playback position" state which you refer to from any text element. See this demo for a sample setup


Yes, i am aware of this, but will this give me the lenght of the file? Remaining time?

+1 lenght of file @levon

we’ll try to add it


Thanks that would be extremely helpfull in my audio community