Audio player dynamic link not updating correctly when using filters

Hi Bubble community,

I’m developing a music streaming web app on Bubble and I’m having an issue with the audio player dynamic link not updating correctly when using filters.

On my “Music” page, I have a repeating group called “RepeatingGroup Music Player” that displays all the music from my “Music” database. I’ve added an input and a dropdown to allow users to filter the music by title and style.

I’ve set up constraints in the “Do a search for” to filter the repeating group based on the input and dropdown values. However, when I use the filters, the dynamic link of the audio player doesn’t update correctly.

The audio player is set up with a dynamic link to “parent group’s music’s song file” and it works correctly when the page is first loaded. But when I use the filters, the dynamic link doesn’t update correctly.

For example, this is my page with all my music. I play the song named “Carmen” and the correct audio is played.

But when I add an input with the value “carmen” to filter the repeating group, I get the correct name but not the correct audio. The audio that is played is from the first music in the first image named “Mercedes”.

Has anyone encountered this issue before or have any suggestions on how to fix it?

Thank you for your help!

Hi there,

Could you please provide a screenshot of your search constraints?

Hello, thank you for your response. Here is a screenshot of my search constraints.

Hmmm, nothing seems off there. Are you using a plugin to play audio or with a Javascript action?

I use this plugin : Audio Player Full · BEP Plugin | Bubble

Ah… unfortunately, I am not familiar with that plugin (not saying the issue is caused by that plugin. I simply don’t know).
My platform is also used to play audio files, but I use the “run javascript action” to play my audio. I try to not rely too heavily on plugins.

Hope you eventually find a fix :slight_smile:

@royerfelix , did you solve this?

I suspect it’s either a repeating group issue (I have am seeing a similar issue and also have the element in the repeating group), OR I suspect it might need to have a reset related inputs?

Perhaps you might try a “set Track A audio player” action?

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