Australia have you looked at Hosting on dedicated plan?

Hi Australian Bubblers!

Has anyone here looked in to a dedicated hosting plan in Australia?

If so do you know what is involved, cost etc?

Much appreciated!

Hi Steve

Yes I have, it’s best to contact bubble and get them to send you the price list.

For me my clients ask that data is stored in Australia but I’m not at a scale yet to afford a dedicated server.

As soon as I am I will be able to move my app to a dedicated server out of Australia and then hopefully be able to onboard many more clients.

For some reason it is fround upon in our part of the world to have data stored in the US for bigger companies. Especially in the health sector I have noticed.

Cheers Steve

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Thank @timgarrett111 yep I have asked them for an idea of cost. Yep, government and health information has to be stored in Australia. Even private entities that work with government and health need the data to be stored in in Australia. All indications are that it is going to get even harder to store outside AU borders. Not sure I am ready either for the costs associated with this. This would be so much better if we could just buy a pro plan in AU region!

I have been looking for solutions to some how store Identifiable info in an external database but then you have the whole latency and how to create a bubble user etc…

In the interim I have developed my application so it does not capture identifiable information for now.I explain to prospects and clients which are sensitive to storing documents of identifiable information that I have built an feature in my app where instead of uploading documents to my application they store a link which is a text field to the documents stored on their intranet.

I know you’ve been around a while now on bubble as I always read your valuable input on the forum and this would be super easy for you to build if you have not done already but getting potential prospects over the line this has been invaluable highlighting this feature for me in Australia and New Zealand.

Cheers @StevenM

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@timgarrett111 cheers! Ye, going to be doing some experimentation PI data and if I have success will post up some ideas.

@timgarrett111 you were correct price to host in Australia is about AU$2400 most of that looks like management cost per month. Too expensive at this stage considering I already have 3 large enterprise apps running on big ec2, RDS etc at AU$900 per month. But I guess most of that is the cost for them to manage them if something goes nuts.

Hosting outside US seems to be years away, so a short term solution would be to store all personal identifiable information in Australia and it would then comply.

I need to figure out how to work this. It is maybe possible (haven’t tried) to create a dummy email and use this as an identifier along with the unique id to access a AWS lambda solution or similar…

Creating a user creates an external record which can then be used to build the personal information. Storing files on Sydney s3 doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Got a bit of work to do - I wonder if a plugin could be built to do this to make it easier to implement.

Will report back when find a workable solution.

Fantastic if you could find a solution like that. I’ve looked into other ways to do it in the past but I very quickly realised that for me personally due to my skill level I had to adapt my strategy to onboard different types of clients to gain revenue first, then as soon as I hit x amount of customers I can then buy the dedicated server on the bubble platform and keep everything extremely tidy.

I believe in bubble and have a lot of faith in them. When I finally get to the dedicated environment things will be a whole lot easier to hit the ground running from getting on these big players out there.

Just for your information I am in the business management services market.

Keep me posted cheers @StevenM

@timgarrett111 will do! Yep Bubble and the likes is the future, and is the reason I am looking to pull my other apps into Bubble. I am not a developer as such, but a good business analyst. I am in the online market research market and HR research / engagement space. I am sure I will find a way to do this.

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Just out of interest and this may have been alluded to but when you buy a dedicated server can you host more than 1 app on that server?

That’s actually a really good question! @chad I also have my website on a separate app. Paying a premium on the dedicated plan it would be good if you could bring all of your apps in one place.

Maybe someone from bubble can answer? Or @StevenM has had the recent documentation from bubble does it mention any ways of posting more than one app on the dedicated plan

HI @timgarrett111 and @chad the answer is yes. So you buy a dedicated cluster which gives you the ability to create and host as many apps as you like on your cluster, the only limitations is the capacity which you can upgrade to over time.

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Do you still need plans for each app or does the dedicated cluster just cover all of that?

@lockymadera cover all of it no “plans” on dedicated cluster.


I’m in a similar boat. I’m trying to get a client on board but they do defense work so I think I’d have to be DISP compliant.

Would using Xano as the database work in that instance?

Their “Launch” plan has a server in Sydney for $59 / mth (USD).