Authenticating a User with 3rd party Oauth

I am trying to work out how to get user information after the user has authenticated against bubble and struggling to find and clear answers. Here is my scneario

  • I want to allow the user to login to a third party site using their Bubble credentials (this seems to work using 3rd Party OAuth settings)
  • I then want to be able to get information about that user with an API using the token that I got from above ^^. This is the piece I am stuck at and can not find a good path forward.

Any ideas?


What dis you tried? Are you using Bubble API connector set as user-agent auth flow?

Hi, In setting you can create a 3rd Party Oauth, which I have successfully done.

From there I want you use that token that is received from that Oauth to query the data within my Bubble app but can not work out how to do it. i.e. I want to pull down the users name and other fields within their user table.