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Authenticating users/tracking activity

I am looking to better understand my users’ behavior, and would love any help the forum could provide. I know Bubble used to recommend using Segment to define events and pages to be tracked, but it seems Google Analytics 4 made Segment redundant. Does anyone know if this is true? For my app all data regarding how the user got to my website (IP/device ID primarily) and what the user did once on it (buttons clicked, scrolls, pages, searches etc.) are very important. Does anyone think GA4 is the right solution? All help is appreciated! Thanks community <3

For tracking internal actions on a Bubble App I think GA4 works well. But to be honest I’ve never tried Pixel because GA4 does more than I need already! With GA4 I track all screen views in my single page Bubble app, and I track which functions, buttons and menu options are being used. I also have User Properties to segment and dimension all my Users in GA4.

Shameless self promotion - I use my own plugin - feel free to DM me for any design setup or questions.