Google analytics aggregated by page?

Hello analytics experts,

I am creating a a marketplace and would like to enable each vendor to be able to see page/product specific analytics and vendor specific analytics.
Is it possible using Google analytics or some other reasonably priced analytics API?

That is pretty much what this plugin does -

It lets you send different events from your Bubble app, specific to each of your clients to their own Google Analytics.

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Thank you @lindsay_knowcode . Have you used the plugin?

I wrote the plugin actually! and I use it a lot. There is quite a lot of info here about how it works and what it does,

If your use case is;

  • your Bubble app has multiple Users/Customers/Clients
  • your Users want to get the traffic for their usage of your app into their Google Analytics and can provide a google analytics tracking code

Then this plugin will send the page view and other events to your users Google Analytics (and to your own GA)

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