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Auto-binding Custom States

Is there a way to set auto-binding on a Custom State?

I tried creating an input and making it’s value equal to the custom state and setting auto-binding on it. However, with auto-binding, I can’t set the text directly. I can set the “Initial Content” on the conditions tab, but that doesn’t change the value in the field. I presume the auto-binding is binded to the field in our database and that’s taking presedence.

Any other ways to do this that doesn’t require me to run workflows on the server? …Trying to keep my app snappy by reducing database calls, etc.


I’m having the same issue. Were you ever able to find a workaround?

I want to use the same popup forms for creating new items and modifying existing items, but now with auto-binding turned on I’m unable to use the method of changing the inputs value from another control that @NigelG and others have mentioned in other posts.

Anyone have a suggestion?

I didn’t find a perfect solution for this, but I did get it to work for me. I set-up the workflows so that when they change the custom state they also trigger a database call to update a thing stored in our database. Thisway, our database and the custom state stay in sync.