Edit a data entry popup using custom states

I am using pop ups for the users data entry. Now i want the user to be able to edit the data. So I understand that you have the popup open with the inputs set to Initial content and then make changes to the thing rather and create a new thing. Do I need to duplicate each and every popup to do this or can I do this using custom states? If so how do I do this? Is custom states a more efficient method?

Hi Motorhome,
I just came across your topic and I too would like to use a popup for the User to edit that record. Did you ever solve it?


@markeaston look into the auto binding feature. This links an input directly to a thing in the database. Any changes to that input are automatically updated in the DB. Note: you must have a privacy rule set up to use auto binding.

Many thanks. Sorry for the delay, I got rather sidetracked over the last year. I’ve started using auto binding a lot more since you mentioned it and it’s helped a great deal.