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Buttons & custom states

Hi all!

I’ve been at a dead end for about a week now so really need some help!

I need to create 3 buttons, all of which relate to a dedicated input and stores a set value, which is then submitted with a ‘submit’ button to the database.

I’ve been trying to use custom states to the button and in the workflow, set the state of input to ‘5’. when the button is clicked, 5 is then stored in the input and I cannot seem to get anything to work - I go round in circles, delete and start again.

Any help would be amazing as whatever I do, I cannot seem to get working. Unless there is a better way to assign a button click to a value that can then be displayed and in turn submitted to the database.


Maybe another approach is to have each button, have a separate workflow, and each workflow do the actions you want each button to do? So you don’t need any custom state to hold the “which” button was pressed state.

And for extra points tidy it up with a custom event later on … :slight_smile:

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Thank you for responding so quickly! :grin:

Sorry, I should have said that I’m trying to get one button assign a value to an input in its own workflow but cannot seem to get it to work. I need 3 overall thought that will, down the line, need their own conditionals to have only one pressed at a time.

It feels like I’m being really dense and missing something really simple :grimacing:

We’ve all been there :slight_smile: I don’t fully understand but it sounds like you might want to have a button click (workflow) set a custom state, and have that custom state be the value/source of the input field?

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That’s my thinking yeah :grin:. It makes sense to be that way but whatever I try, no value appears in the input :tired_face:

Perhaps take some screen shots of your set up, maybe me or someone else will spot the problem. It will just be some silly little thing probably if you’ve got your head around customs states etc.

Thanks, I shall do when I’m back on my desktop rather than phone. As you say, probably something tiny that I’m blind to!

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