Auto binding database value

Would someone please let me know how to update database value with auto binding without refreshing data.

I have set up an Iconic Toggle bottom to change a field in database to Yes or No.
But the data does not change unless I manually refresh data.

Is there anyway to set/change database value without refreshing them with auto binding option?

Is there any other way to achieve this?


manually refresh data

What exactly do you mean by manually refresh data? Where are you refreshing it?

I need to go back to App Data and click on Refresh Data in order to see the change.

here is my set up

Do you mean in the Editor? In the Data tab?

You always have to ‘click refresh data’ in the datatab to update the display, but that doesn’t have any bearing to the actual data - the data is updated immediately when using autobinding.

just test what you said, and you are right.
Thanks for your help.

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