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How to make a thing delete itself on a certain date

If someone posts an event like a birthday party and sets the future date for it I would like the post to delete itself on that future date +1

like if the birthday is for 9/12/16, I would like the post to delete itself on 9/13/16

That would traditionally require some sort of a timed server side event like cron. I would just put a ‘constraint’ on the search to simply not display it.

I’ll just see if what I did works by tomorrow, because the constraint I would have to create a type and such for the events and right now its giving me a hard time with my set up thanks

You can use the API workflows to delete something in the future


Schedule a task to modify a field that’s called deleted (yes/no) as a boolean. Then use the constraints as suggested by @sorensong

how exactly would I do that do you have any workflows or examples? I’ve been trying to schedule an API workflow but I just need some help with it.

Also the post are connected to google maps and the markers if that makes a difference.