Auto dislike one of two current cells value when the other is liked (repeating group)

Hi all,

I have a repeating group of which I show 2 entries at a time. Horizontal you will see two words (current cells value). I try to make it work in such a way that when I “like” one of the two words, the other word (the one not liked) will go to a list (dislike list) and the liked word needs to go to another list (liked list)

I have tried this with custom state. But the issue is that whatever I try, I am unable to find a way to make sure that when I like one of the words (I do this with the thumbs up icon and assigned a workflow to it to place that current cells value in another custom state list) and at the same time place that other word in another custom state list. I have tried this with among other things checkboxes and ionic items but the workflow only fire when the user actually clicks on it.

In addition, I also need the option to select both words so that both words will go to the liked custome state list.

I have tried so many things, watched so many tutorials that I am lost at the moment. Can you help me?

Hi sem,

I see you have posted more recently with a solution that sounds like it solved this issue as you worked through the difference between using states rather than modifying things.

The simple answer here is that when you click the thumbs up for a specific item in the repeating group, you need to add that “thing” to a list of “liked items” and the other item would get added to the “disliked items” list, and lastly you would have a button that you could say “like both” that add both items to the “liked items” list.

Good luck with the project and hope the above was useful.


Thanks for your reply.

As for your suggestion. In my case it did not work though. In my case, 2 cards are visible and you have to decide which of the two you wanna keep. On press, the next row will be visible. The row is 2 cells. So you see a RG of one row and two cells. Pressing thumbs up in one of those cell gives me the easy option to add then to a new list. But since by pressing a new row will be presented, there is no way I can auto add the other item (the one not picked with thumbs up) to a dislike pile.

I solved it by some match and helper cells but it is more complicated than needed I think.

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