Auto hobby-plan downgrade

Hobby plans were canceled a year ago, however, it was promised that there would be no changes for older apps. Today, two of my apps were automatically downgraded from hobby to free plan, quietly, without any notice in advance. Do you think it’s good practice to suddenly break your promises without any warning?


I’ve had the same issue

Same issue here, live plug-in demo pages on the hobby plan are all inaccessible right now.

same here!!!

Same here. I’m really hoping this was a mistake, because if not, this shows an incredible lack of communication which is directly affecting our business flows

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Hey all - thanks for flagging this. We just pushed out a fix. Do not change your plans manually – just refresh your app page, and your plans should be back on Hobby.

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Same issue, no warning whatsoever, @emmanuel this is not how you manage a service like Bubble, a warning is the least you could do.

I payed for the personal plan to keep the app online, I need to go back to the hobby plan now.

Hi Joao, really sorry about the accidental change while we were in the process of fixing a bug. Can you please contact our support team ( with your appname, and we’ll get your plan back to Hobby right away and refund you for the Personal plan charge!

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I’ll do that, thank you !

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What a relief that it was just a bug. Otherwise, a lot of angry citizens would soon have knocked on my office door.

This has just happened AGAIN

Yes, @iangotts_bubble, it did happen again (but this time it was purposeful), and there was another thread about it that you might want to check out.