I paid for a personal plan and my app still says it is hobby?

I signed up for a personal plan and paid for the month. I had to delete my app because I am still trying to make sense of this tool.

Now my new app is stuck on hobby when I paid for a personal plan. Why? This is frustrating. It should at least allow me to select WHICH app is using the plan I paid for.

How am I supposed to get my new app on the paid plan?

Send an email to support@bubble.is and they can advise

Thank you. I did. Its just very frustrating because now I’ve lost the features that come with the personal plan until they respond. I really hope they get back to me before Monday.

They really need to address this. This is a no-brainer. I can’t be the only person to have done this. The system should be smart enough to know how many plans you have purchased and not tie them directly to any specic app. I should be able to do that myself. So if I delete an app, which will happen very often until I figure this out, I can just reassign the plan to the new app.

My 2 cents

I’m curious why you’re deleting apps altogether, instead of deleting the pages and starting over. I’ve nuked a number of apps this way, and it never crossed my mind to actually delete the entire app. I’m not sure how many other folks have this issue, so it may end up being a feature request they can add to the road map.

You make valid points, but I’m new to bubble so I am still trying to figure things out. This tool is quite different from tools I have used and its requiring me to rethink a lot of how and why some things are done.

Sometimes, its just easier and cleaner to delete the entire thing and start fresh when you are not totally clear what stuff may be lingering around.

Btw, if you delete an app that is subscribed I’m pretty sure your subscription is canceled and no longer exists. So, rather than being all bent and worried, just resub in a new app. But also, what @andrewgassen said.

Yes, I am just now figuring that out. It would have been nice to know that would happen in advance, which is why I am “bent and worried”. It is frustrating when you pay for something that becomes unavailable because it was not communicated appropriately that this would happen.

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